Under the blue skies we play

play and connect in nature within our great little community

Under the blue skies we play

These beautiful winter days have been lovely and we have been making the most of the warmth in our amazing outdoors. The children have been using their imaginations and creativity to engage in natural resources to extend their play. Our old trikes have been chosen to taxi friends, human and the stuffed bear sort, to wander the pathways. Children are initiating family play, delegating roles, negotiating their parts in play and showing incredible confidence in letting us educator/big kids know where we fit into their wonderfully complex and inclusive play. There is so much richness in getting outdoors with just a few bits and bobs, chosen by the children. We respect our children as leaders of their own learning.

Janice invited the children to gather on our divine circle mat, designed by the extremely talented local Indigenous Australian artist Christine Slabb. The children were so responsive to the classic book: Green Eggs and Ham. Janice’s prompts were so naturally made that the children didn’t even realise they were learning all about rhyme. This carried into lunch, with the children’s curiosity about rhyme becoming happy chatter. After some calm and social play indoors, back outside to bask in the glorious winter sun.

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