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  • Mt Warning Community Preschool relies on its Members to operate successfully
  • School hours are 8am – 3.30pm and late charges apply for early drop-off or late pick-up.
  • Children should come with appropriate ‘sun safe’ clothing and a nutritious lunch.
  • You may be entitled to a ‘discounted rate’ – please check with the preschool.
  • Fees are invoiced and you should pay at least 2-weeks in advance at all times.
  • ‘Roster Days’ are a requirement of Membership




Mt Warning Community Preschool was incorporated in 1985 and is one of the most established preschools in the Tweed area. Our Director, Pauline Hurcombe has been with the Preschool since 1987.

As a community-based preschool it is operated as a not-for-profit service, which means any profits are re invested in the service to the benefit of community members.

Whilst the preschool employs qualified ‘early childhood’ educators, the service is managed by a voluntary committee comprising parents and community members who are elected to their positions each year and who are responsible for all major legal, financial, employment, planning and policy making decisions.

Our preschool caters to children between the ages of 3 to 5 years of age.




Our preschool operates in line with the ordinary NSW public school terms and closes for NSW school holidays and gazetted public holidays.


Hours are 8am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.


Whilst children of any age may attend on any day of the week, we generally encourage the younger children on Mondays and Fridays:


Monday and Friday                                         3 year olds (Must be toilet trained)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                     4 & 5 year olds





Whilst the Committee may change rates throughout the year, generally the preschool strives to set rates once each year and in 2019 the set rates are as follows:


  Standard Daily Rate Equity Rate* Discounted Rates*
  3  yr olds $36 $10 $29
  4  yr olds $36 $10 $24


*Conditions Apply – Please scroll down


In addition to our Daily Rates, new Members enrolling for the first time are charged a one off Enrolment fee, an Annual Membership fee and a daily Maintenance Levy:

Enrolment Fee……………………..………… .$35.00 (once only)

(One-off fee upon joining)

Annual Membership………………..………….$10.00 (every year)

Maintenance Levy…………………………………….$1.00 per day

Please refer to the Section ‘Fees & Charges’ for a full overview of fees.





Your child will need to bring each day:

  • A bag or backpack large enough to hold all belongings and suitable to hang on a peg.


  • A broad brimmed hat
  • Shoes or sandals
  • Spare underpants, and preferably a change of clothes


  • Lunch – packed in a lunch box, including a drink bottle with water


We encourage nutritious food because a child’s diet can have a significant impact on their mood and energy levels.

Lunch suggestions include sandwiches, healthy snacks such as cheese, fruit, yoghurt, cracker biscuits, dried fruit and water.

Lollies, chocolates, chewing gum, chips/twisties/cheesels etc and cordials are actively discouraged.

We encourage Members to reduce the amount of packaging and disposable plastics.

It is the preschool’s policy (and a requirement under law) to exclude all types of nuts from the preschool premises, including Nutella and peanut butter.




Timeliness is very important. If you arrive late to collect your child, a late fee may be applied. If you require to drop-off your child early this must be by arrangement and an early drop-off fee may be applied. Please refer to the Section ‘Fees & Charges’ for a full overview of these charges.

Every Member must sign their child in on arrival and sign out again when you collect your child at the end of the day. Once your child is signed off in the afternoon staff are no longer responsible for the supervision of your child.

To stay informed on current events and to access parenting information please read the notice board, and also please, remember to check your child’s pocket, which is located just inside the main glass sliding doors.

Children must be brought to the preschool and collected by a responsible adult (over the age of 18 years).  If another person is to collect your child, you must nominate that person on the sign-on sheet upon drop-off.

A child will only be allowed to leave the centre with a person who has been identified by you as an authorised person on their enrolment form or nominated by telephone in a call to the preschool prior to collection. Proof of ID will be required.




If your child is unable to attend on an enrolled day (e.g. sickness, holiday etc), you may make use of a ‘Make-up Day’ which is an opportunity for your child to attend preschool on a day they are not enrolled.

As non-attendance on an enrolled day is still charged for (as if your child attended), there is no additional charge for attending preschool on a make-up day.

Very Important:

  • Consideration for make-up days will only be given to parents who take the time to give the preschool staff a courtesy call when the child is unable to attend on their enrolled day.
  • Make up days are to be used in the same term and are not transferable to the next term.
  • Make up days are can only be offered if a place is available.
  • Make up days are only possible if your fees are up to date.



If you wish your child to attend on a day they are not enrolled and you do not have any make-up days available, you may request an Occasional Day.

Occasional Days are only available by arrangement in advance and only if a place is available on the day (i.e. the number of children attending must not exceed 20 on any given day).

Your fees must be up to date for a placement to be offered and payment for an occasional day must be paid on the day.




If your child is having a birthday, please feel free to bring a fruit platter along to share with his/her friends.

Regrettably, we cannot accept cakes at preschool due to allergy and intolerances of many children.


In the event of flood, storms, or other natural disasters (e.g. fire) you should contact the school on 02 6679 5313 to check if the preschool will be open.

If you live on a property that is at risk of becoming isolated due to rising water or road closures, please keep your child at home.

If your child is at preschool during inclement weather and/or an escalating natural emergency (e.g. bush fire), the preschool may contact you to come and collect your child early.

If your child is ‘stranded’ at preschool (i.e. you are prevented from collecting them for whatever reason), a staff member will stay with the child at all times until such time as you collect them or a suitable alternative is agreed/arranged.




Fees are invoiced at the beginning of each term and must be paid at least fortnightly in advance.

The first fortnight’s fees must be paid no later than the first day of term you child attends. If paying by the term, you will also be expected to pay by the first day of the term your child attends.

In 2018 the fees have been set as:


Standard Daily Fee                $36.00 per day

Maintenance Levy                              $1.00 per day

Equity Fee                                 $10.00 per day (plus $1.00 Maintenance levy)

Eligibility for the Equity rate requires that your child is:

  • At least 3 years old on or before 31st July of the current preschool year and either ‘low income’ and/or Aboriginal.
  • To qualify as ‘low income’ you must hold a Centrelink issued Health Care Card and/or a Pensioner Concession Card where the enrolled child is listed on the Card.
  • The Card must be presented to Preschool ahead of the commencement of the child’s attendance, without which you will be charged the standard daily fee (plus $1 maintenance levy per day).
  • Enrolled for 2 days.
  • Extra Enrolled days will be charged at $24 per day and subject to availability*.

4 Year Old Fee                                   $24.00 per day

Eligibility for the 4 Year Old Fee requires that your child is:


  • 4 on or before 31st July of the current preschool year.
  • Enrolled for 2 days.
  • Additional days will be charged at $29 per day and subject to availability*.

Early-Start Discount (3yr olds only)   –20% off Standard Daily Fee.

Early Start Discount: A 2-year enrolment commitment applies, and other conditions, places subject to availability*. Please enquire with the Preschool for all conditions.

* Additional days and 3 year old places will be considered and reviewed should Priority of Access enrolments increase.

In accordance with the Start Strong Funding Agreement, places will be allocated with equal Priority of Access given to:

  • Children age 4 on or before 31st July of the current preschool year and not enrolled or registered at school.
  • Children age 3 on or before 31st July of the current preschool year and from low income or Aboriginal Families.
  • Children with English Language needs.
  • Children with disabilities.
  • Children who are at risk of significant harm.

Enrolment Fee                   $35.00 (once only)

(One-off fee upon joining)

Annual Membership            $10.00 (every year)

Occasional Days                                 $29.00

Temporary Enrolments                       $36.00
(for visitors/one off days)

Late/Early Fees

Early drop-off (no earlier than 7:45am)                      $  5.00

Early drop-off by arrangement (from 7:30am)           $10.00

Late pick-up (3.30 pm onwards)                                  $36.00 then $1.00 per minute after   


Bank Details:           Bank:                           St George Branch, Murwillumbah
BSB:                             112-879
Account Nº:                 046847784




Roster Days are a condition of Membership and are an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with your child in our learning environment, but also to contribute to the successful operation of the school.

For each day your child attends preschool in a week, you must undertake one Roster Day per term up to a maximum of 2 days. For example, if your child attends one day per week you must do one Roster Day per term; if your child attends two or more days, you do two Rosters per term.

If you are unable to do a Roster Day, you will be invoiced $20 for each Roster Day you are unable to undertake.

On a Roster Day we primarily encourage you to spend the day playing with your own child including assisting our educators to set-up and pack away activities.

For those who would prefer to do something different, you can fulfil your Roster Day obligation in other ways, such as cleaning, washing tea towels etc, grounds work or small repairs.

Occupying a Management Committee position or contributing to a sub-Group (per term) satisfies as a Roster Day contribution.




From 1st January, 2018 changes to the Public Health Act 2010 require that preschools only enrol a child once the parent/caregiver has provided documentation that shows that the child is fully vaccinated for their age.

As such, all children enrolling need to provide immunisation status with a current immunisation record.

You can obtain a copy of your child’s Immunisation History Statement at any time:

Our preschool Authorised Supervisor may refuse admission to any child who they believe may be infectious or contagious – eg: Headlice, Ringworm & Impetigo (school sores).

In addition, in the event of an outbreak of a specified ‘vaccine preventable’ disease a public health officer of the NSW Department of Health may direct the preschool to exclude any unvaccinated children from attendance.


Please inform the preschool if your child is unable to attend an enrolled day due to illness.

As well as assisting the school administratively, it helps our educators be proactive in detecting illness in other children who may have been in contact with your child.

If your child contracts any contagious/infectious disease please keep your child at home until cleared by a doctor. A medical certificate may be requested by the school in this regard.


If your child is taking any medication and you require the preschool to administer the medication while your child is in attendance, it is a requirement that you sign a form (provided by the preschool) each day that the medicine is administered by the preschool.

Information that you must provide includes your child’s name, the nature of their illness, the name/type of medication to be administered, the dosage required and any additional instructions (e.g. time, manner etc).

Your instructions must be consistent with the instructions on the label of the medication. If the preschool has any doubt, it reserves the right to refuse to assist in the medication of your child at its discretion.

(Please remember to collect your child’s medication at the end of each day.)


  • Promote children’s participation in a range of safe physically active learning experiences.
  • Promote a positive physically active environment which reflects cultural and family values.
  • Promote lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
  • Mostly restrict limit time spent engaging in small screen recreation (television, DVD’s, computer and other electronic games) and sedentary behaviour whilst at the service.
  • Encourage communication with families about physical activity, gross motor skills development, fundamental movement skills development and limiting small screen recreation and sedentary behaviour.


YOGA for Kids & Kids & Music


Yoga for Kids


Joanna Gardener has been teaching Children’s yoga Classes for 18 years at Early Childhood Centres, Preschools and Primary Schools in the Northern Rivers area. She has taught regular classes at our centre for many years.


Kids & Music


Fi Hunter (Lil’ Fi) has been teaching music at our centre for 8 years focusing on cross meridian stimulation through sound, sight and movement.  This is more than a little karaoke, growing healthy neural pathways sets children up for the rest of their learning lives.




Mistakes happen! Often no-one is at fault, or at least, there’s little point looking for someone or something to blame.

Our policy is one of open and transparent communication and discourse and to strive to ensure every concern or complaint is dealt with promptly, with a minimum of fuss and to your satisfaction.

If you have a concern, please communicate it to the person you feel is most appropriate under the circumstances. The preschool operates a policy that should ensure your concern is handled impartially and professionally.

You may find the following procedure a useful guide:


  1. Speak directly with Pauline Hurcombe, the preschool’s Director. If appropriate, arrange a time so that you can speak freely, preferably after preschool hours. Confidentiality can be assured at this level.
  2. If the Director is not someone you feel you can talk to, speak to a Committee Member whose contact details are available on the Notice Board. Please note that at this level, the issue will be brought to the full attention of all Members of the Committee.
  3. If you feel your issue is not resolved or cannot be resolved by the preschool, contact the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority for additional guidance http://www.acecqa.gov.au