TEACH me and I learn. INVOLVE me and I remember. || Benjamin Franklin

Our Extension Program

Our core preschool program is enhanced with extra curricular activities including age appropriate yoga with Joanna Garder and a 5 lesson music program (per term) called Kids and Music with Lil Fi.

Fortnightly visits from locally based (and multi award winning) musical artist, ‘Lil’ Fi’ provides just one example of the arts extension program created by Mt Warning Community Preschool.

Lil’ Fi is a passionate early childhood educator and believes music and joy in the early years grows neural pathways and leads to outstanding results in numeracy, literacy and communication skills.

Joanna Gardner has been teaching Children's Yoga Classes for 17 years at Early Childhood Centres, Preschools and Primary Schools in the Northern Rivers area. She has taught regular classes at our centre for many years.
Joanna will be presenting a variety of one hour yoga sessions for our centre throughout the year. The children will learn yoga postures, breathing & concentration techniques, and relaxation. The classes are presented in a fun, creative, age appropriate way; incorporating games, music, educational stories, movement, and teaching aids.