Belief CREATES the actual fact. || William James

Our Beliefs

We believe…

Our Children:

Are invaluable, unique and powerful individuals existing within the context of their family and their community;
Have a right to secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with educators to allow their confidence and positive self-esteem to develop through a supportive and secure environment; and
Are competent and resourceful learners who are active contributors to their own learning.

Our Families:

Are children’s first and most influential educators;
Families come from a diverse range of cultures with differing practises, values and beliefs; and these are to be respected and honoured by the preschool, staff and program;
Trust, respect and collaboration form the basis for strong partnerships between families and staff; and
Family involvement is integral to a high quality program.

Our Staff:

Have valuable roles as co-educators with children, families and communities;
Will continually seek ways to build their professional knowledge;
Value reflective practice, engaging in questions of philosophy, ethics and practise with peers, families and the community; and
Are valued for their personal and professional contributions by creating an environment of collegiality where communication is open and confidentiality is maintained.

Our Values


Our Fees